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Everyday Cosplay

We all love cosplay right? There’s not a more thrilling thing than being in costume for a day, leaving monotony aside to become the character we love. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to wear geek clothing in our everyday life. With its usual bright, colorful, and in many cases too lavish look, it hardly makes the best clothing to be worn at work or school. Miyabi Studio aims to remove the frontier between these two styles and make our motto become true: everyday cosplay!

Our products are based on Japanese traditional clothing and pop culture, may it be Son Goku’s outfit or a floral haori. Sobering the patterns a notch, we pursue to create pieces that not only can be worn anytime, anywhere, but will still maintain the essence of the original.

Following this same idea, we also aim to revise and reinterpret the way kimono can be worn and thus integrate it in our modern lifestyle and outfits. Miyabi offers a wide variety of casual apparel with a traditional and refined touch.


Our Team


Idoia Urtizberea – Store owner and designer/illustrator

I’ve always been into Japanese stuff, and I started crafting my first clothing pieces and bags right after getting my Fine Arts degree.

I do also illustrate, you can visit my profile on Redbubble for cute items with my work.


Aitor Eizagirre – Better known as The Happy Android, he’s the techie that makes this store possible.

Check his page at